Labor Ratios

Ratios and recommendations below are for small to large adult crowds. The precise number of laborers required are determined by the type of occasion, setting, and menu.

SERVERS - Table Seated
One server per 15 to 20 guests.

SERVERS - Buffet
One server per 20 to 30 guests. 

SERVERS - Pupus, Appetizers, Hors d'oeuvres
One server per 30 guests.

One bartender per 50 to 70 guests.

One floater per 50 to 100 guests is recommended, but can be stretched for simple events. The floater is a roaming helper that is rarely idle, and essential for unforeseen mishaps.

  • Consider if guests are arriving at different times, or all at once.
  • Prevent bottle-necks in crowd flow.
  • A bar service area of 5 feet per 100 guests is the minimum required.
  • Determine entertainment stage/setup/electric requirements before the location is confirmed.
Chic Eco transports all laborers together for each event. The fee is incorporated into the travel expense and the client is assured of dependable transportation for workers to arrive and begin promptly.