Steps + Policies

For less than 20 persons, a Private Chef may do. Be sure to view the Specialty Chefs page.

Each event is unique and special, but the basic process to get started is to request a proposal as outlined below. If more convenient, feel free to ask me for a form to fill, or to schedule a phone conversation. My intention is to communicate in the most suitable manner for you!
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PROPOSAL REQUEST ― In order to obtain a proposal from Chíc Eco, requirements follow:

Contact Info ― Provide name, title (bride, groom, assistant, etc.), with email address and phone number.

Date of Event ― The day of week, month and year.

Hours of Event ― Specify start and end times for guests. Your proposal will specify labor arrival and departure times accordingly.

Type of Event ― Specify wedding reception, celebration, seminar, fund raiser, intimate fine dining, etc.

Type of Service ― Your vision of seated/served guests, buffet, or servers with casual limited seating.

Guests Estimate ― With adults, include projected number of children under 10 years and babies under 5 years.

Labor Preferences ― State your vision of servers, bartenders, cooks, etc. Review our Labor Ratios page for projections. Know that administrative, sourcing and shopping queries are addressed in separate proposal/s.

Location ― Please include directions, any website reference, security, gate, parking, etc.

Vision ― State your preferences, such as china or disposables. For professional recommendations, let us know if you are flexible, if the event is "green" and how strict your budget is.

Bar ― Advise full bar stock, basics, pre-mixed, or limited beverages.

Menu ― Themes are highly recommended so that all food items compliment one another. Examples are Hawaiian-Fusion, Oriental, Southwest, American, etc. You may include custom foods, such as vegan, gluten-free, or raw.

PROPOSAL RECEIPT ― Typically you'll receive a proposal by secure google docs within 48 hours. Consider it a draft, open to revisions. The goal is to confirm your labor needs first. If you expressed cost as a major concern, you may receive options to consider. Expect the following:

Verifications ― Contact, date, hours, type of event, location, etc. Review carefully please; and answer any questions as promptly as possible.

Event Contact Person ― Requested if not previously advised.

Labor Hours ― Workers arrive and depart simultaneously unless shifts are necessary to split. Setup and breakdown time allowances are mandatory. (Remember sourcing and shopping, for example, are proposed separately).

Job Descriptions ― You'll see titles, such as servers and bartenders, plus how many laborers for each description. Note that hauling trash is subject to feasibility and an additional fee.

Labor Amount ― Specifies how many laborers at $30/hour, time reserved, and total cost. Any outside professional hires are listed separately.

Travel Amount ― Determined by vehicle/s required for laborers, distance, fuel, and time.

Tax ― The Hawaii General Excise is 4% of labor and added to the proposal.

Total & Deposit Required ― To confirm your reservation, a $100 deposit is required. 50%  of the balance due is preferably 3 weeks prior to the event and the remaining balance is due 10 workdays before the event. Credit cards and PayPal are honored.

RESERVATION ― Receipt of your deposit confirms your labor reservation. A written confirmation from Chíc Eco is emailed to you accordingly and pending your payment method, another email for your financial records. The confirmation includes follow up terms with deadlines for headcount, final payment, etc. Deadlines may be calculated before the reservation upon request. Remember that any other assignments are proposed and agreed upon separately.

TERMS + DEADLINES ― Know there are penalties (emotionally, financially, or both) when the event does not reflect the reservation agreement. If we walk into an unorganized setting, everyone suffers. Please refer to the deadlines written on your reservation to avoid consequences. Furthermore, read policy requirements below for smooth orchestration and a successful event.

Event Contact Person ― The name, phone and email address of the on-site coordinator is mandatory upon the final payment, preferably beforehand. The designated contact is for the floater to locate with any questions or urgent needs. It is imperative for the contact to be available on site without disturbing the host/s or guests.

Hours of Event ― Weddings and other events may require close attention to the clock! For example, be sure to allow adequate time to move from a church wedding to the reception. Also know that laborers cannot be expected to work beyond the agreed departure time. Should you require flexibility or Plan B, there are options. However, those options require discussion and strategy at least 2 weeks before the event.

Guests Estimate ― Please enforce a reply date on your invitations or promotions. Strive to confirm the number of guests before your final payment, or at least 2 weeks prior to the event. If guests exceed more than the reserved projection without warning, laborers have the right to depart one hour early.

Job Descriptions ― The most common mistake is to assume laborers can do more than their job descriptions. Our Labor Ratios page is a boundary guide to help prevent under staffing and consequences. Know that all laborers share certain duties, such as setup and cleanup. And although the floater is present to assist everyone, s/he is rarely available to take on surprise duties.

Labor Attire ― All groomed labor is dressed in white tops and black bottoms, but we're flexible. If the event is on the formal side, advance warning is necessarily appreciated for bow ties, tux shirts, etc.

Trash + Recycling ― We need to know how the trash is to be collected and prepared for hauling (very important), before the final payment.

Please allow time for additional requests. Shopping assistance is available from custom attire, to invitations, to table favors and flowers. Decorating, stage building and floral services are also available by advance request, and without markups. We're here to help!

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